QFN Test Socket Components

What is Ceramic QFN(leadless chip carriers (LCCs)

Ceramic quad  flat  non-leaded  packages (C-QFN). A QFN package allows for attachment and connection of an IC to a PCB without through-hole connections, using surface-mount technology (SMT) for compatibility with PCBs using micro strip and coplanar-waveguide (CPW) transmission-line technologies.

QFN is a very small square-shaped or rectangular surface-mount plastic package with no leads. It is basically a quad flat package, except for the absence of leads protruding from its sides. Metal pads or lands around the periphery of the bottom of the QFN package serve as electrical connection points to the outside world.

Ceramic QFN Package(C-QFN)

 Ceramic QFN use in connecting industrial

  • Circuit board assembly plant
  • Memory IC Testing
  • Vertical probe card/ Epoxy ring probe card

Ceramic QFN use in

  • C-QFN could use in customer device evaluations and low volume orders.
  • Probe card for IC Testing.
  • Logic IC
  • Large-scale integrated circuit
  • CPU

Ceramic QFN features

  • Enhanced mechanical strength.
  • Higher thermal conductivity
  • Higher-frequency packages
  • have very high firing temperatures

Ceramic QFN Size

2mm to 9mm

Ceramic QFN Material package


Ceramic QFN Vendor

  • USA: FormFactor/ wentworthlabs/ cascade microtech/ microprobe/ svprobe
  • TW:JEM
  • JP:MJC/TCL Inc
  • Europe: technoprobe(Italy)

2 thoughts on “QFN Test Socket Components”

  1. Albert Young

    I am looking for a QFN fixture that can be used for making S-parameter measurements. Such a fixture might be connected via SMA or 3.5 mm connectors to a VNA. If you make such a fixture, can you also provide cal standards for it?

    Thank you
    Albert Young

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