Dicing Chuck Table

Alternative name: vacuum suction cup
Material: Porous Ceramic + SS
Flatness: 0.002-0.005mm
Application: Wafer cutting
Industry: Semiconductor

Dicing Chuck Table


Dicing Chuck Table makes optimum condition for Dicing Saw, Laser Dicing, Laser marketing, Grooving. Wafer back grinding and Wafer mounting which requires high degree of flatness by optimizing in whole side adsorption or partial adsorption and fixing when do precision machining, clean, and move difficult-to-cut-material such as Silicon wafer, PCB, Glass, Ceramic and QFN using vesicular ceramic porous of alumina line. Mainly used to support and chuck the semiconductor wafer when grinding and dicing. It is applied in the processes of thinning, dicing, cleaning, transportation and so on


Item number/DIM(mm)inchFlatness




Others, Passive Components, Semiconductor


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