Air floating stage

Alternate names: Air floating table
Material: Porous ceramic + Granite
Flatness: 0.05mm
Application: Transfer glass
Industries: Optoelectronic

Air floating stage

Non-contact air-floating platform transfer:

Non-contact transfer equipment is designed to avoid the problems caused by the traditional handling technology after the glass substrate becomes larger, because it does not directly contact the working objects during transfer. Some industries required to avoid the occurrence of contaminant adhesion, stress, static electricity and damage to the glass substrate, and the porous material can significantly reduce the gas flow rate, and can achieve uniform air pressure and good distribution of the air cushion layer and provide sufficient work.

High-tech industries like semiconductor and panel/optoelectronics, are moving from traditional contact-type transfer to no-contact transfer approaches, such as the application of air-floating tables.

Advantages of air floating transfer systems:

1. Zero friction

2. Zero wear

3. Supports linear transfer and rotation

4. Silent and smooth operation

5. Higher damping

6. No lubricants required

7. High-speed operation


Air floating stage+Granite Base propertys:
Al2O3%: ~92% Water%: 0%
Porosity: 35~40% Pore size: 2~3um
Bending : >6kgf/cm2Bulk Specific: 2.28 g/cm3
Coloring: Black

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