Precision Ceramic Machining

CNC(Computer Numerical Control) precision machining is the use of digital signal operating system to control the production process. Today, numerical control machines are mostly operated through computers in order to calculate and control. The biggest feature of CNC precision machining is that it can store many different cutting processing operations into the controller and can automatically perform multiple steps of processing production.

CNC is a high-tech version of traditional machine. Traditional machines rely on manpower to overcome difficulties in machining. On the other hand, CNC machining relies on software and computer programming such as CAM and also depends on the experiences of CNC operators to adjust the machine processing parameters.

CNC machining in LONGYI, each employee works and programmes on his own specific machine. Furthermore, complex parts are realised with individual manufactured fixtures and CAM This ensures a full use of potential and a high process reliability.

Management of CNC Machining for LONGYI:

  1. Fixed magazine and zero point coordinate may reduce the length of the tool as well as the corrections.
  2. CAM sets up fixed magazine according to the properties of materials and tools to reduce programming time.
  3. After coding the program, a simulation will be run to make sure the inventory of tools and feasibility of toolpaths, so it can shorten the standby time.
  4. In order to increase the productivity, before starting the machine, operators prepare the knives (special knives) according to the program setting.
  5. Modify program and confirm corrections for dimensions when processing the first item
  6. Quality cycle inspection reduces defective products

What kind of CNC is there for LONGYI (Team)?

  1. 1.CNC milling machine (4 Axis)
  2. CNC lathe (Multi-Tasking Turn-Mill Spindle)
  3. CNC grinding(Optical projection grinder)
  4. CNC Wire Cutter
  5. Laser cutting machine

LONGYI offers a wide variety of materials for your custom parts: Ceramic, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, nylon, acetal, polycarbonate, polystyrene, acrylic, plastic, fiber glass and many more materials.

  • Metals allow for parts of higher tolerance than plastics.
  • Plastics can warp slightly over time due to moisture absorption.
  • Designing custom parts with sheetmetal is generally lower cost than machining plate or rod.
  • Sheetmetal parts can be formed into numerous shapes and can take simple or complex bends.
  • By volume, plastics are usually much less expensive than metals.
  • Materials that don’t need finishing may be more economical for short runs (e.g. stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, etc.)

By robust diamond tools, even the hardest ceramic processing for micro hole can be feasible. In order to maintain high quality with competitive price, molding is essential.

For CNC milling, WORKHOLDING is fundamental. LONGYI has the excellent WORKHOLDING capability and outstanding VACUUM CHUCK, which set LONGYI apart from other manufacturers.

About LONGYI products

  • QFY48(32) testing ceramic guide plate
  • MLCC testing fiber glass index
  • Die bonder aluminum carrier

Supplementary explanation:
CNC Milling is the machining process of using rotary cutter to remove material from one or many workpiece, CNC milling machines are machine tools which are used for the shaping of metal and other solid materials.

Successful, high-quality milling is a combination of three elements:

  1. A cutter with many teeth and ideal sharpness for a material
  2. Spinning a tool at high enough speed to process a material correctly
  3. An appropriate feed rate for advancing the chosen material through the process

Greater precision

  • Typically 0.0001 inch or better

Automated cooling

Store a library of programs to be used repeatedly

  • Easily create multiple copies
  • Easily create similar objects
  • Fewer man-hours needed


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