Micro Porous Ceramic

LONGYI started the development of Micro Porous Ceramic in 2013. It’s main customers are semiconductors, solar energy and LCD.

The product types are as follows:

  1. Vacuum Chuck
  2. Disco dicing chuck
  3.  Wafer heating stage
  4.  Wafer testing stage
  5. Air floating stage
  6. Vacuum Nozzle
  7. Die attach tools
  8. Air Bearing
  9. Work Holding

For micro porous ceramics, the microstructure is made up of small crystals called grains. In general, the smaller the grain size, the stronger and denser is the ceramic material. The wide variety of applications for porous ceramic materials results from their unique properties. In many respects, these properties cannot be achieved by other materials.


Item   /  No.A-2000B-2000C-2000D-2000
Bulk Specific gravityg/cm32.
Water absorption%0000
Pore sizeμm 2~35~1015~2030~40
Bending StrengthMPa>60>60>60>40

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