CNC Wire Cutter

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining The physical principle of Electric Discharge Machining (EDM): In order to generate an electric spark between two electrodes, the voltage between the two electrodes must be higher than the gap between the electrode and the workpiece, while the breakdown voltage depends on: The distances between the electrode and the workpiece. Insulation capacity of electrolyte (the ratio of water and resistance) Pollution in the gap The discharge occurs at the point where the electric field is strongest, which is a very complicated process; Positive ions and electrons accumulate in the field, and quickly form an ionized conductive channel. During this process, an electric current is formed between the two plates, and it causes numerous collisions between the particles that forms a plasma region. After that, the temperature rises up to around 8000 ° C to 12000 °C, and the materials are melted on the surface of the two conductors while a bubble is formed due to vaporization of the electrodes and the dielectric liquid, and its pressure level is very high at this point. Next, the electric current stops while the temperature suddenly drops as well that leads to the inward blast of the bubble. The power that …

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Precision Grinding

Precision grinding techniques include cylindrical grinding and surface grinding (also known as Blanchard or Mattison grinding). Grinding consists of using a spinning wheel made of bonded abrasive particles to remove material from the piece being worked, making it conform to specs. The grinding technician decides which grinding method is the right one for a particular part, based on the specifications and holding requirements for the piece. The technician will also choose the appropriate tool to give the surface of the piece being ground the correct shape, size and texture. Precision grinding the most suitable material: ceramic Tungsten steel High carbon steel Product advantages of the component Narrow dimension tolerance (0.002mm) High surface finish (up to 0.05 µ) High accuracy of shape Advantages of the lapping process Nearly all components are processed without clamping Apparatuses are seldomly used as the to be processed. Type of grinding: Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinding Cylindrical grinding centerless grinding internal diameter grinding creep-feed grindin Lapping LONGYI Grinding products MLCC Packing/testing Ceramic Index Table Die bonder Micro dispensing nozzle Expoxy dispensing tools Waffer processing ceramic arm/fork/finger Tungsten steel punch/clamp Dicing  chuck table Porous ceramic floating table

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