Who We Are

LONGYI was established in 2007. Since beginning, we has been dedicate to design and manufacturing, offering to our customers services in molds, fixtures, spare parts manufacture, reverse engineering and others related solutions. Due to the vigorous development of Taiwan’s High tech industry, the precision parts manufacturing are playing an important role in the semiconductor and others related industries. Our Major customer include passive components, solar, semiconductor, LED, LCD and biotech.In 2008, CNC processing plant was established mainly for metal and non-metal processing. In 2009 and in order to supply customers increasing demand, we purchased grinding equipment and ceramic/graphite processing machines to expand services and update our equipment to offer more qualified precision industry manufacturing services.

Our Mission

We are determined to develop and design diversified and high quality products. Also, We will be standing by in case you need us for anything.

Our Vision

We strive to lead in the precision ceramic industry, keep stepping forward and to improve ourselves in terms of technology, the highest quality of product, and services.

Objective & Strategies

Continuously growing on domestic market while actively expanding oversea markets. Let Longyi become a household name for the precision ceramic industry.


Longyi is constantly customer-focused which prepares us to satisfy our customers beyond the expectations. Our products consists application-oriented, perfectly customized, and the quality has been highly approved by our customers for a decade.  We are determined to deliver value through our products and services and build a long term partnership with every customer we serve.

Our main products

Our main products are mainly use in Semiconductor, Aerospace, Laser, LED, Electronic, Automatic equipment, Opto-electronics, Photonic, IC, MLCC industrial and so on. We provide our production services for United State, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Korea and other countries for a long time. Longyi is a global material of precision porous ceramic supplier with clients in more than 10 years. And also it will provide the highest products and service quality to the customers with “Professional”, “Reliable” and “Innovation”.


Longyi Precision Technology Co. Ltd. announces it has updated its Quality Management System Certification ISO9001 to ISO 9001:2015 with Care Certification Pvt. Ltd., an ISO Certification Body Accredited by International Accreditation Services (IAS) United States of America.

Why Choose Us

Conscientious on details

We are committed to provide the best quality in the precision technology industry. Our production processes are strictly examined while our materials are carefully selected

Pursuit of excellence

We strive to better the internal processes and improve production efficiency to enhance our customer satisfaction, which has eared positive responses and feedbacks from our customers worldwide

Quick Delivery

Professional quality productions enable us to produce the maximum result in the shortest time. Our powerful manufacture offers large capacity and ensures stable and short lead time

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