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Longyi Precision Technology was established in 2007, Designing and manufacturing precision ceramics parts for solar,semiconductor, medical and others industries.

What We Do

CNC Machining

CNC milling machines are machine tools which are used for the shaping of metal and other solid materials.

Precision Grinding

The grinding technician decides which grinding method is the right one for a particular part, based on the specifications and holding requirements for the piece.
CNC Wire Cutter

CNC Wire Cutter

In order to generate an electric spark between two electrodes, the voltage between the two electrodes must be higher than the gap between the electrode and the workpiece…

Precision Ceramic

Advanced Ceramics

Advanced Ceramics cover many different and in part highly-specialized ceramic materials with unique mechanical, electrical, thermal and biochemical properties and property

Aluminum Oxide

Alumina oxide possesses strong ionic inter atomic bonding giving rise to its desirable material characteristics.

Zirconium Oxide

Zirconia ceramics have very high thermal expansion and are therefore often the material of choice for joining ceramic and steel.

Who We Are?

          Longyi Precision Technology was established in 2007, and has led the industry in development and manufacturing of ceramic solutions for a wide range of different fields. As a precision ceramic manufacturer and developer, Longyi specializes in precision ceramic parts, porous vacuum chuck, Die bonding tools, CNC Machining parts, customized tools. Longyi’s extensive experience enables us to manufacture high quality ceramic products that meet the ceramic needs for diversified industries.

           Longyi is constantly customer-focused which prepares us to satisfy our customers beyond the expectations. Our products consists application-oriented, perfectly customized, and the quality has been highly approved by our customers for a decade.

Latest News

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Dicing chuck table inspecte vacuum value

Dicing chuck table research and report

Dicing chuck table LONGYI’s porous ceramics are based on high-quality raw materials of alumina and silicon carbide. For porous ceramics, the microstructure is made up of small crystals called grains. In general, the smaller the grain size, the stronger and denser is the ceramic material. The wide variety of application for porous ceramic materials results from their unique properties. In many aspects,

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Quality Management System ISO 9001 : 2015

Quality Management System ISO 9001 : 2015 Development, Manufacturing and Processing of Ceramic, Metal and Non- Metal Materials Used in Electronic Components such as Semiconductors, Packing and Testing, Solar Energy and Biotechnology Medical Equipment Parts.   CERTIFICATE NO. : IAS/QMS/C1793        IAS-UIC Number : MSCB-120-9091 ISSUED ON     : 21/07/2018                         

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Ceramic arm

Ceramic arm Customer demand: Upgrade for using life time Engineering Properties: Reverse Engineering Customer demand: Upgrade for using life time  

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QFN Test Socket Components

What is Ceramic QFN(leadless chip carriers (LCCs) Ceramic quad flat non-leaded packages (C-QFN). A QFN package allows for attachment and connection of an IC to a PCB without through-hole connections, using surface-mount technology (SMT) for compatibility with PCBs using micro strip and coplanar-waveguide (CPW) transmission-line technologies.

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Dispensing nozzles

Dispensing nozzles are designed for accurate dispensing of the glue onto the substrate which helps to prevent inconsistent epoxy problems like tailing, bridging, voids and insufficient epoxy coverage. This enables our customers to achieve superior dispensing performance. The complete set of nozzles and adaptors is available for all types of bonders in the market.

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Conscientious on details

We Longyi are committed to provide the best quality in the precision technology industry. Our production processes are strictly examined while our materials are carefully selected.

Pursuit of excellence

We strive to better the internal processes and improve production efficiency to enhance our customer satisfaction, which has eared positive responses and feedbacks from our customers worldwide

Quick Delivery and considerate service

Professional quality productions enable us to produce the maximum result in the shortest time. Our powerful manufacture offers large capacity and ensures stable and short lead time.

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